Required Documents for Application Process

There are a lot of things to remember as you go through the homebuying process, including documents you'll need. We want to make the experience of buying a home as easy as possible for you so here's a list of documents you'll want to gather for your mortgage application.

  • Copy of driver’s license or state ID
  • If retired, copy of current income sources such as Social Security Awards letter and pension statements for the current year and/or 1099s that may be with the tax returns
  • Past 2 years Federal Tax Returns along with W-2s
  • Past 2 months bank statements for checking and savings (all pages of the statements)
  • Past 30 days paystubs

Other documents that may be requested: Copy of court-ordered documents such as divorce decree, showing required child support income or payments, Bankruptcy papers, VA Certificate of Eligibility or DD-214 or VA Disability income documentation.

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Final approval is contingent upon submission of a fully executed application contract on eligible residential property, an acceptable appraisal and no change in your financial condition. We will notify you if the loan for which you are applying requires any additional documentation. 


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